Monday, April 22, 2019

why taking Vitamin C is helpful for your overall diet?

Vitamin C is very important vitamin for your overall health. You can find Vitamin C in most foods, pill form and serum. Vitamin C is very known for many things such as improving the immune system, absorbing iron, wound healing, rich in strong antioxidants and repairing cartilage. Not a lot of people in society get enough vitamin C in their diet, causing vitamin deficiency. If you want to get the most out of your health, I recommend implementing this vitamin into your daily regiment. I eat take vitamin C supplement almost 3 times a week and drink orange juice to go with it. 

Vitamin C is best known for fighting off chronic disease and illnesses. Whenever someone get cold or the flu the first place they do is get a glass of orange juice. The reason why they do this because it helps strengthen the white blood cells to fight off the cold. The more white blood cells you have in your body, the easier it is to fight off illnesses. This is the reason you must incorporate Vitamin C into your diet. Some of the diseases Vitamin C fights off are diabetes. Almost 1/3 of Americans have diabetes and the numbers are increasing everyday. Vitamin C lowers insulin levels and it keeps cholesterol levels in control. If this is not taking care it can kidney problems such as kidney stones. Overall, looking at these facts this is the reason why you should incorporate Vitamin C into your life so it can be better. 

Vitamin C is very known for the development of hair growth. Today, hair loss is huge concern for most people because it has been going on for years. Many doctors and researchers have found out if you take a certain amount of vitamin C dosage, it should eventually grow back. Vitamin C basically increase collagen production which allow hair follicles to grow. I recommend if your balding really bad give vitamin C  a try, see where it takes you. I also suggest if your starting out, takes small dosages so that way you wont harm your body. One of the causes for hair loss is not eating enough vitamins in your diet. Not having enough vitamin or protein in your diet causes your body to plateau and lead to deficiencies. Overall, I suggest if you want to have rich and radiant hair increase your vitamin intake and you would see amazing results.  

Vitamin C can really impact your life if you try it and let it. I recommend if your the person has vitamin deficiency you should be eating vitamins everyday so you can improve your intake levels. I also I recommend taking Vitamin C supplements to because they can improve your levels tremendously within months. I heard some  people take Vitamin C almost everyday and they haven't been sick in years. If you want to take your health and life to the next level than take vitamin C

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