Monday, April 1, 2019

why eggs is important for your diet ?

Eggs are one of the most  beneficial protein you can ever get in your diet. Eggs is very rich in protein and it  can play positive impact on your body if you eat more often. Some of  the things eggs has inside is vitamin D, B6, B12, and minerals such as Zinc, iron and copper. Eggs is something people should incorporate in their diet and get use to eating. 

Eggs are very important to eat because it helps hair growth. Today in our society almost 80% of people has some sort of hair loss. Eggs has been reported that if you eat it on a consistent basis your hair would grow fast. For some people it can take a few months or years to see results. the reason why eggs allows you hair grow because it has protein in  it call biotin. Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that is called vitamin B. When someone eats egg a lot over period of time their hair follicles open up giving your hair to breathe and create more growth. In addition, it makes your hair  look thick and healthy.  This is the reason why  I eat eggs on a daily basis because it allows my hair to look alive and rich. 

When it comes to exercising and picking the right food eggs is a key factor. If your the type the person who wants to gain muscle then egg is the way to go. When ever I want to put on muscle mass I would eat about 3 eggs a day so I can speed up muscle growth. Eggs is very important in the body building industry because they need to eat it to reach a certain amount of protein in their body. Believe it or not most body builders on average eat about like 6 to 12 eggs a day. That is a lot of eggs to eat however, they are getting amount of protein they want and they are getting the body that they want. 

As you can see eggs are key factor to your diet if you want to improve and take it to the next level. I suggest you eat eggs through out the week and I promise you would see results. Eggs is something most people should eat whether or not they don't like it or not. If you just eat eggs you would see how over period of time it would change your life. 

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