Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Should you take more zinc in your diet ?

Zinc is one of the most common and well known vitamin you can take. Most people today in society take Zinc because they want to grow their hair, improve thyroid  function and for wound healing. Zinc plays a major role in your metabolism because most people metabolism are way off due to deficiencies. In order to get the right amount of Zinc you would have to get it from plants and foods. In addition, if you can't get it that you can the route of getting it from supplements. recommend eating this vitamin so you can get the most out of your diet. 

Zinc has amazing benefits that can improve you health in the long run. For example, zinc can help your digestive system, nerve function and skin. I find these extremely important because not having these  functions can cause serious harm to your body.  For instance, I know eating the right amount of zinc can cause your skin to to be clear. In addition, zinc can help people fight against eczema and bad irritating rashes. Furthermore, it can prevent acne from getting out of control and reduce inflammation in the skin. Even though I don't use zinc on a daily basis I know it can have positive impact on your body. Another key factor zinc is important for is your immune system. Zinc is very big on the immune system because it can fight off illness and cold fast.There has been studies that have shown where, 80-92mg of zinc can reduce a common cold to 33%. I find those numbers to be good because you want that cold to go away fast as possible.  

Even though, is zinc beneficial to your health there are side effects if you endure to much of it. Some of the effects you can have you put to much zinc in your body is severe constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. I say if your taking zinc always take small dosages in the beginning because by taking high dosages can lead to complications or even death. In addition, if your not sure how much zinc you should take go to a clinic or speak to your doctor and they would help you from there. Some of other side effects that can damage your body is flu like symptoms, fatigue and headaches. Overall, I recommend taking about 40 grams daily through out the week so that way your on the safe side of not harming yourself. In addition, you common sense when take certain things. 

Overall, Zinc is amazing vitamin that can lead to positives effects on your body. Most of all, when taking this vitamin, make sure you take iresponsibly so you won;t hurt yourself or others around you. Always see a  doctor if your unsure or don;t know what to do. 

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