Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Should try out the Paleo Diet

If you don't know there is a lot diets that can help improve your health, such as the ketogenic, vegatrian, Paleo and many more. I found out over the past years that the Paleo diet has worked for me because it allowed me to put on muscle mass and loose weight quickly. In addition, I realized I was always in a good mood and I was very productive throughout my day. The Paleo diet, is a dietary plan based on foods that have been eaten during the paleolithic era. Those years are between 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 years. Paleo diet is consist of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Most of these foods are could be obtained by hunting and gathering era. Paleo diet, is a diet that can improve your life if you spend time with it and your willing to do whatever takes to get the results you deserve. 

The Paleo diet is consist of different foods that are known to help improve health. Some of these foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish (Omega 3 fatty Acids). You can get access to  most these foods anywhere you go These foods are important because they help you live longer, feel better and prevent diseases from harming your body. When I was on the wrestling team I would eat alot of fish, fruits and vegetables because it gave me energy to push through rough practices. I notice that being on the Paleo diet when I was on the wrestling team allow me to become strong and ripped. I was able to win matches and be happy. I recommend who is reading this blog to do the same. Overall, eat these foods that I mention on a daily basis so you can see the best results and reap the rewards you hold for yourself. 

When observing the Paleo diet for the past years, there are certain foods you should avoid at all cost. Foods that you have to avoid are refrain sugar, grains, dairy products and salt. The reason why should avoid these foods because they lead to complications such as bad mood, high cholesterol and gaining access weight. When you eat foods that are high sugar over a period of time,  it leads to diabetes and obesity. Another instance, eating to much milk and cheese can cause lactose intolerant. Avoiding these foods would help you live the healthy lifestyle you desire and always dream of.

As you can see the Paleo diet can make huge impact in your life if you take the risk and try it out. I say share this diet to your friends and families so they can live long fulfilling life that is feel with happy and enjoy. I recommend you give this diet and try and let it be a gateway of bringing richness in your life.

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