Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How eating strawberries can improve your health

Straw berries is one of the healthiest and richest fruit you can eat because of its strong antioxidants and taste. Today, people eat strawberries with almost everything like smoothies, ice cream and shakes. Myself personally I eat straw berries with almost everything because they taste so good and they just make my health better. I recommend eating strawberries thorough the week,months and years and you would see a drastic change in your health. 

Strawberries has the the tendency of tackling diseases you don't know about. Today, there is a lot of diseases  that the world is trying to cure and help more people live long. Some of the diseases that strawberries can fight off diseases in the long run is strong, heart attacks,high blood pressure and diabetes. This is very important  because it help prevent people having diseases and it can help the younger generation from getting these diseases. Eating 8 strawberries everyday contains about 45 calories. I believe that is good numbers because if someone want to lower their blood pressure. I don't eat strawberries everyday, however I do consume it with my post workout because it give me more energy. Overall, if you eat strawberries for long period of time you would thank your self. 

Strawberries is very known for skin mask and treating damage skin. Today, a lot of people have outbreaks on their skin and they don't know to treat it. Utilizing strawberry skin mask has helped many people over the past years get rids of blackheads, scars and huge zits on their faces. You can go to any massage parlor and they often utilize strawberries to help their customers get the type of treatment they need. In addition, they also utilize avocados a lot because it helps relax people. Overall, I suggest if you want to try this method, go ahead. I never try this treatment on my face, but in the future I will. It's amazing what strawberries can do on the human body. 

As you can see, strawberries can make a huge impact on your life if you let it. If you give strawberries a chance you would see that it would always work for you. Not a lot of people today don't eat healthy causing them to have health problems later on that i detrimental. I recommend always to eat fruits and vegetables almost everyday, drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday and exercise.If you do these things I promise you would live a long time. 

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