Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Foods that prevent high blood pressure from getting out of control

Today in our society high blood pressure has been one of the biggest problems we face as nation. There is young children, adults and teenagers dying because they have been eating the wrong food for years. There are some ways where you can reverse your blood pressure to the way you want and live a healthier life. Some foods that prevent you from getting high blood pressure are Dark Chocolate, spinach and yogurt.

Dark chocolate  has been around for a long time and it has been  known to lower blood pressure in so many ways. For example, there has been studies where dark chocolate has fought against people had hypertension and adhd. It lower their blood pressure in matters of months. According to University health news.com , dark chocolate can prevent a heart attack and reduce a stroke. I recommend eating about two or three chocolate bars through out the week. This don't mean going rampant and eat whole a bunch of chocolate and get sick. Make sure you eat responsibility and smart. Another benefit of dark chocolate it helps  lowers cholesterol. This is important because this is what cause high blood pressure also. Overall, make sure try to introduce this food into your diet so you can prevent high blood pressure later on. 

Spinach is a great food source for energy when tackling health most problems. Spinach is known for preventing cancer, asthma and improving bone function. In addition, spinach contains other   nutrients  such as magnesium and calcium. Spinach helps maintain high blood pressure levels from increasing  and it low in calories. If you want to prevent this from happening, I suggest you to eat it almost everyday. I eat spinach whenever I'm trying to lose weight because it helps my skin look clear and my body energize. 

Yogurt has so many positive effects to our health and one of them is preventing high blood pressure. Yogurt doesn't only lower blood pressure, but it can help you lose or gain weight. In this discussion,  we are going to talk about the benefits. One of the known yogurts that helps lower high blood pressure is Greek Yogurt. As you may know this brand has been around for years and you might have eaten it or see someone else eat it. Here is some interesting facts, According to American heart Association, Consuming five or more servings of yogurt reduces the risk of high blood pressure by 20%in women. Another fact people should pay attention is , According to a Ph. D  candidate at Boston University school of medicine, high blood pressure currently effect 1 in 3  U.S Adults. Try to eat more clean so that way you can prevent certain diseases later on in the future. 

Eating the right foods over period of time would not only make you live longer, it would allow you to see your family and friends. In addition, it would give you more time on this earth to be productive and active with your life. Eating healthy is not only going to make you better as individual but your peers. When they seeing you healthy and growing as a person its going to make them do the same thing.

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