Monday, March 11, 2019

Why eating Bananas are healthy for your diet

Most people In our society don't know that bananas is one of the healthiest fruit to eat because of the rich potassium and fiber it has. Myself personally, I eat about a banana about 3 times week because  it  keeps me energize. For instance, it be days where I don't feel like getting out of bed and I would grab a banana . Most people don't know that bananas can prevent people from having diabetes and cancer. I say if you want to prevent health problems later on in your life you have to eat healthy .

 Bananas has amazing benefits that can improve your life. Some benefits, are it fight against dementia, lower blood pressure and it increases the strength of white blood cells. This is very important because in america dementia and high blood pressure is a huge problem we face.  In addition, another benefit of bananas is rich in vitamin B6 , which help fight against weight loss and nutrients for your hair. I believe one of the reasons why people get some of these problems later on in their lives because they haven't being eating healthy when they were young.

Overall, if you want to improve your health and make it better in the long run I suggest you eat bananas daily. For instance, if your going to the gym and your warming up, eat a banana so you can get your body energize. Another thing that I do occasionally, is putting bananas in my green smoothies because gives it more nutrients and make the taste better. If your type of person who want to lose weight quick I suggest you eat bananas because they help you lose weigh fat. I hope that you got some value and insight on this blog. I encourage you to eat healthy so you can live longer and have a productive future. 

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