Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Is It worth eating Celery or not ?

Celery is one the healthiest vegetables you can eat because of it amazing benefits. I do not consume celery in my diet that much because I eat other vegetables, however, in this blog I'm going to persuade you to eat it. Celery can do a lot for you if your trying to lose weight, boost immunity, reduce cholesterol or fight against any illnesses. In addition, celery can help fight high blood pressure and help protect against Arthritis pain. 

Celery is one of the most common vegetable you could eat and a lot of people eat it with mostly everything. For example, sometimes you be at a BBQ with your family and you would see some with BBQ wings, ranch sauce and celery stick. I noticed that this is very common thing I noticed. Another thing I noticed is that some people today they for some reason they blend celery sticks because they want to lose weight. I never try this before, but I heard it helps people lose weight and makes them look slimmer. One day I this method. Another common thing that I see people doing is they would eat celery in their salad because it give the salad more nutrients and a better taste. I always have done this even to this day because it just makes the salad taste better and gives the salad more nutrients. 

I say  try to implement as much celery in your diet as much as possible because that way it can help improve your health and fight off illnesses. I say if you never try celery before try to eat it more because you would be surprise what it can do to your health. I recommend try eating it with a salad because it tastes better and enjoy it more. 

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