Thursday, March 28, 2019

The top 2 carbs you need to be eating daily

Carbohydrates are compounds that are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, they come in simple forms such as sugars and complex forms such as starches and fibers. Carbohydrates are essential to health because it helps with provide nutrients to our cells and muscle growth. There are two important carbs that you should be eating daily and they are oranges and Bananas. They are the most common carbohydrate because most people in our society consume this fruit on a daily basis. 

Oranges are very important carbohydrate because it protect your immune system and fights off certain diseases. Another reason why you should be eating oranges because they fight off against illnesses and strengthen you white blood cells. Oranges are good for anyone who has a cold and they are trying to get rid of it because it would help fight off the bacteria that is trap inside your body. When ever I'm sick I eat about two oranges so I can recover quick from a cold. Your immune system is very important so the best way to fight off any cold or flu's is to eat oranges. There  has been studies that have shown oranges can reduce the risk off certain illnesses such as, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcer and kidney stones. I recommend after hearing all of these facts I hope it encourage you to start taking action and start living a healthier life.

Bananas is a great Carbohydrate because of the amazing nutrients it provides for the body. Most people don't know about the benefits bananas does the body because they are not aware or they don't want to know. Bananas is very known for losing weight and having high potassium. This important for people who into aesthetics and weight lifting because you eat bananas with your smoothies or eat with your breakfast so you can increase your protein intake. I definitely eat bananas before I workout because it prevents my muscles from crapping and gives me energy when I'm  about to do an intense workout. Another key factor of eating bananas it would help improve blood circulation. Blood circulation is important because it transport nutrients to our cells and organs so they can function properly. Overall, begin incorporate bananas in your diet and you would see health increase dramatically.

Bananas and oranges are the top 2 carbs you should be eating no matter what. Its important you eat these carbohydrates because it would make your life better and it can help people around you. 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Is eating apples everyday bad for you ?

Today in our society, not a lot of people consume fruits on a daily basis. They consume junk food almost everyday causing them to get health problems later on in the future. I believe that through out your day you should be eating some type  fruit, whether its an orange, bananas, strawberries or grapefruit. By introducing  more fruits into your diet would make you feel better through out the day and live a healthier life.  The reason why I say that is because diabetes is one of most common disease we face in our nation. Eating apples everyday would put you in a position where your vitamin A levels would be high.

Apples are important to eat everyday because it rich nutrients that are important to your health. Apples are very rich antioxidants and dietary fibers. In addition, apples may also help reduce the risk of developing  cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. When you look at all of these benefits you see how apple can change your life for good. When I found out all of these benefits about apples I began to eat them more regularly. I begin to go to the gym with them all of the time. I would eat them after i finish a long brutal workout. Sometimes in the morning I would make my green smoothie and put about three or  four with bananas in my shake. Whenever I'm sick I eat a apple because it help fights off colds and the flu. I know it would provide me with nutrients I need to get me through the day. 

I suggest you try to eat an apple almost everyday because that way you know you getting your daily vitamins. I guarantee your vitamins level intake would increase and you will prevent vitamin deficiency. If you realize your are not ready to eat an apple a day, try to eat it twice or three times a week. I know when I first started it took me sometime to get use to eating an apple almost everyday because its not in my nature. As time went on, I began to eat it like it was nothing. I hope you do the same and improve your health. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Is It worth eating Celery or not ?

Celery is one the healthiest vegetables you can eat because of it amazing benefits. I do not consume celery in my diet that much because I eat other vegetables, however, in this blog I'm going to persuade you to eat it. Celery can do a lot for you if your trying to lose weight, boost immunity, reduce cholesterol or fight against any illnesses. In addition, celery can help fight high blood pressure and help protect against Arthritis pain. 

Celery is one of the most common vegetable you could eat and a lot of people eat it with mostly everything. For example, sometimes you be at a BBQ with your family and you would see some with BBQ wings, ranch sauce and celery stick. I noticed that this is very common thing I noticed. Another thing I noticed is that some people today they for some reason they blend celery sticks because they want to lose weight. I never try this before, but I heard it helps people lose weight and makes them look slimmer. One day I this method. Another common thing that I see people doing is they would eat celery in their salad because it give the salad more nutrients and a better taste. I always have done this even to this day because it just makes the salad taste better and gives the salad more nutrients. 

I say  try to implement as much celery in your diet as much as possible because that way it can help improve your health and fight off illnesses. I say if you never try celery before try to eat it more because you would be surprise what it can do to your health. I recommend try eating it with a salad because it tastes better and enjoy it more. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Why eating Bananas are healthy for your diet

Most people In our society don't know that bananas is one of the healthiest fruit to eat because of the rich potassium and fiber it has. Myself personally, I eat about a banana about 3 times week because  it  keeps me energize. For instance, it be days where I don't feel like getting out of bed and I would grab a banana . Most people don't know that bananas can prevent people from having diabetes and cancer. I say if you want to prevent health problems later on in your life you have to eat healthy .

 Bananas has amazing benefits that can improve your life. Some benefits, are it fight against dementia, lower blood pressure and it increases the strength of white blood cells. This is very important because in america dementia and high blood pressure is a huge problem we face.  In addition, another benefit of bananas is rich in vitamin B6 , which help fight against weight loss and nutrients for your hair. I believe one of the reasons why people get some of these problems later on in their lives because they haven't being eating healthy when they were young.

Overall, if you want to improve your health and make it better in the long run I suggest you eat bananas daily. For instance, if your going to the gym and your warming up, eat a banana so you can get your body energize. Another thing that I do occasionally, is putting bananas in my green smoothies because gives it more nutrients and make the taste better. If your type of person who want to lose weight quick I suggest you eat bananas because they help you lose weigh fat. I hope that you got some value and insight on this blog. I encourage you to eat healthy so you can live longer and have a productive future. 

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