Monday, October 7, 2019

The best keto friendly snacks

As you know there is a lot of snacks out here that anyone can eat. However, if you want  to get the most out of your snacks make sure its healthy. I usually eat snacks in the night time because that's when my cravings are at it highest peak. Some of the snacks I eat is chips, cookies and energy bars. However, that all change when I wanted to get back in shape. I transition from eating that to keto. Keto snacks are one of the best snacks you can eat whenever you feel hungry or your need something to get you through the day. In this blog I'm going to explains some of the keto snacks that I eat help me get me through my day and make me have energy.

One of the keto snacks that I normally eat in the day time is coconut yogurt. I believe that coconut yogurt is one the healthiest yogurt you can eat because all of the health benefits behind it. I have been eating coconut yogurt for almost 2 years I can say that I would not stop.  You can coconut yogurt in wholefoods. I normally go there because you can buy some in a pack and you would get a good deal.  Some of the reasons why I eat it is because it promotes loss of belly fat and its very high in protein. In addition, it has carbs which are good for you. You can eat this snack if your going to work, at home before you workout or if you hungry. Overall, I suggest you try this yogurt out because you would not regret it. 

One of the best snacks I eat for lunch on a regular bases is meatball sliders.  I have to tell you they are delicious and you eat this with almost anything. i begin to eat this when I was bulking last month and I realized I started to see how my physique was changing. The reason why I liked ground beef because it has a lot of protein it. Its very high in carbs and that's what anybody need when they are trying to put on mass. Whenever I eat this I normally eat it after I finish my workout. I realized after finishing my workout a post meal its the best thing for me to get my energy back and get my protein. If anyone eats a post workout meal I suggest this one because I guarantee you would feel alot of better. Try it out and see what it can do for you. 

Parmesan Tomato chips is one the best chips you can try if your on a keto diet. Even though these chips might taste weird the first time it has amazing benefits. These chips got a lot of protein, iron and sodium in them. I love eating these chips whenever I'm at home watching a movie or I'm out with my friends. You can find these chips mainly in whatever wholefoods your at. Whole foods has almost everything you looking for when trying to find for something healthy and to munch on.

Overall, there are so many keto snacks you can find that would satisfy if your hungry or cravings. Just find the one that best suits your needs at that specific time. I hope you gain some insight and knowledge

check out this video that would explain more about keto snacks and how they are helpful 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Why you should drink Almond Milk?

Drinking Almond Milk is one of the best Milk out there drink because of the amazing benefits. I have been drinking for the last 3 years and I can't tell you what it has done to me. Almond milk is very low in calories and it has vitamins in such as vitamin E and D. I say that's great for people who have low vitamin intake  and not getting enough vitamins in their diet.  Almond mil has a strong powerful rich taste that you can't ignore. Some people might not like it and some don't, but that's okay. You can drink Almond Milk with almost anything such as cereal, cookies and chips. I mainly eat Almond milk with my cereal because it gives it a better taste. Most people say that Almond Milk is better than most traditional milk because it gives more energy and allow them to feel at their best. I think if you want to try new things try this out because you would not regret it.

One of the reasons why Almond Milk is beneficial because it help improves your bones. I realized over the past 3 years, I felt my bones getting stronger and it helped me play better in basketball. Almond Milk contains a lot of calcium which helps your bones get stronger. Not a lot of people in our society don't like drinking regular milk because they afraid they would get lactose intolerant.  Almond milk is almost lactose free, this is one of the reasons why I switch. Calcium is very important because it reduces your chances of getting Osteoporosis.  As you get older, your body changes and it going to need function properly, so drinking Almond milk be beneficial. Overall, I suggest if you want to improve bone function as you get older take Almond milk and try to drink Milk often as possible. 

Almond milk is very known for improving hair growth. Almond milk contains a lot of iron which allow hair follicles to open up and grow. I noticed that when I was drinking Almond milk I notice that my hair began to grow and my hair was getting thicker. Ever since I saw that I always drink almond milk consistently with my diet. Today, a lot of people suffer from hair loss and they don't know how to tackle it. One of the remedies for attacking hair loss is almond milk because what I said before earlier it contains iron and vitamin d. The reason why people suffer from hair loss because their lacking certain vitamins in their diet, they are eating healthy. Eating healthy plays a major role in hair loss because if your eating cookies cakes and chips all day you are diminishing the vitamins you need for your hair to grow. I recommend drinking almond milk because it has a lot of iron and vitamin D. In order to see results doing this, you must drink almond milk almost everyday for at least a year. If you suffering from hair loss really bad I suggest you go to the clinic or see a doctor and they would guide you. Overall, drinking drink almond milk so you can see your hair grow strong and thick. 

Drinking almond milk allows your skin to be clear and radiant. Most people don't know that almond milk protect damage skin from burning sun rays. The reason why almond milk allows your skin to glow and become strong is because of  Vitamin E. Vitamin E is very known for fighting against cancer. If you drink Almond on a daily basis you see over a period of time that your skin would improve and look better than most people out here. Vitamin E is also known for antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to our because they help fight off diseases, stress, boost immunity and improve hair function. This is one of the main reason why I take Almond milk because of this benefit. I recommend who ever is reading this blog to do the same if you want to see results in your skin. 

As you can see, Almond milk is very healthy for you because it can help improve your health in so many ways. Try to drink almond milk, even though it might be your first time trying it out. Go out there and make positive impact on yourself and others by changing your health. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What Vitamin supplements should you be taking on a daily basis.

If you don't know there are certain supplements you should be taking to improve your health. Nowadays there is a lot of illness that are going on and its costing people lives. I believe in order to prevent some of these illness from getting out of control and spreading so much is to take your daily vitamin supplements. Some of the supplements that I recommend are Biotin, Vitamin C, D, Zinc, fish oils and Iron. These are some of the well known supplements people take and I take some of these myself. Supplements are important to take because they would provide you with the best nutrients and support your body needs to stay healthy. 

Fish Oils is important supplement to incorporate in your diet because it provides your body with omega fatty acids. When I first found about this supplement I was very skeptical and shocked. I realized working out for about 6 years it gave me best looking body that I never had before. I recommend taking this supplement because it helps improve blood pressure, fights inflammation  and brain function. I take fish oils most of the time because it helps me get rid of my soreness I have sometimes with shoulder. I remember I was benching the wrong way and I injured myself and I had inflammation for about a month. Ever since then, I have been taking fish oils to get rid of the pain. Over a period of time, my shoulder got better and I didn't have any inflammation anymore. Overall, I suggest you to take fish oils so you can improve your health.

Zinc is extremely healthy for your because it has so much beneficial effects. Zinc is very known for decreasing, chronic illnesses, improve, learning, memory, treating diarrhea and cleaning out your digestive system. I love taking zinc because it helps me fight against colds in the winter. Taking 20 grams of zinc per day in the winter, can fight off colds for at least a month. In addition, this vitamin is great to take because it can boost your immunity. Another reason why I love taking Zinc because it heals wounds. I remember I had a bad wound on my shoulder from falling off my bike and it was bothering me all that evening. I went to the doctor and she told me to take some zinc because it will heal the wound fast. I went to CVS and bought some zinc and from there my pain begin to heal fast. Overall, I recommend taking this supplement if you want to see some positive results in your life and others. 

These supplements that I mention are very important because without them your not going to live a healthy life. Taking these supplements can be the difference you be sick and living with good health for the rest of your life. Make sure you always see a doctor or go to the clinic before making any health decisions on your own and be smart while you are at it. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How eating strawberries can improve your health

Straw berries is one of the healthiest and richest fruit you can eat because of its strong antioxidants and taste. Today, people eat strawberries with almost everything like smoothies, ice cream and shakes. Myself personally I eat straw berries with almost everything because they taste so good and they just make my health better. I recommend eating strawberries thorough the week,months and years and you would see a drastic change in your health. 

Strawberries has the the tendency of tackling diseases you don't know about. Today, there is a lot of diseases  that the world is trying to cure and help more people live long. Some of the diseases that strawberries can fight off diseases in the long run is strong, heart attacks,high blood pressure and diabetes. This is very important  because it help prevent people having diseases and it can help the younger generation from getting these diseases. Eating 8 strawberries everyday contains about 45 calories. I believe that is good numbers because if someone want to lower their blood pressure. I don't eat strawberries everyday, however I do consume it with my post workout because it give me more energy. Overall, if you eat strawberries for long period of time you would thank your self. 

Strawberries is very known for skin mask and treating damage skin. Today, a lot of people have outbreaks on their skin and they don't know to treat it. Utilizing strawberry skin mask has helped many people over the past years get rids of blackheads, scars and huge zits on their faces. You can go to any massage parlor and they often utilize strawberries to help their customers get the type of treatment they need. In addition, they also utilize avocados a lot because it helps relax people. Overall, I suggest if you want to try this method, go ahead. I never try this treatment on my face, but in the future I will. It's amazing what strawberries can do on the human body. 

As you can see, strawberries can make a huge impact on your life if you let it. If you give strawberries a chance you would see that it would always work for you. Not a lot of people today don't eat healthy causing them to have health problems later on that i detrimental. I recommend always to eat fruits and vegetables almost everyday, drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday and exercise.If you do these things I promise you would live a long time. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Foods and tips to stop inflammation in your body.

Inflammation is one of the most brutal and irritating pain someone can go through. Some people get it when they have a tooth ache, injure one of their bones and suffer intense cuts. Inflammation is basically an injure that the body is respond to. Hopefully there is remedies and solution of fighting inflammation in your body. You want to heal inflammation as much as  possible because if you don't it can get out of control and lead to problems later on. 

One way you can treat Inflammation is by eating healthy foods. Eating healthy can slow it down and get rid of the throbbing pain for good. Berries are awesome when it comes to fight against pain and inflammation. For, example berries is rich in antioxidants, fiber and minerals. Berries is also known for fight against diseases such as cancer, heart attacks and pancreatic. In addition, berries help boost immunity which fight against inflammation. Another food source that fight against inflammation is Broccoli. The reason why broccoli help fight against inflammation be of the rich nutrients it has one. Some of them are vitamin K, iron and calcium. Overall, these food can can prevent or stop inflammation in any circumstance you in.

Another way to fight against the problems of inflammation is to exercise. Believe or not if you exercise more frequently it reduces the chances of you getting inflammation. If your serious about this, I suggest you exercise about 2-3 times a week, so that way you would feel energize and be able to take on the day. The reason why exercising is important because it relieves stress on the body and tension on your joints. Most people watch TV party eat junk food or waste time doing things that would get them anywhere they want to be in life. Myself personally, I exercise about 2-3 times a week and I have seen so much progress within my body. I haven't receive anymore muscle aches, fatigue or laziness through out my days. If you exercise, I guarantee you lower your chances of getting inflammation because your body is in a good position to do whatever it wants. Overall, exercising is a great way to stop inflammation and relieve the tension in your body. 

Inflammation is something you have to tackle right away because if you don't it can get out of control. Make sure as you move through out your days try to eat foods to avoid inflammation and avoid getting injuries. These are important  factors because they are want causes inflammation. Always make sure your productive and active person so you can prevent bad things happening to your body. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Should you take more zinc in your diet ?

Zinc is one of the most common and well known vitamin you can take. Most people today in society take Zinc because they want to grow their hair, improve thyroid  function and for wound healing. Zinc plays a major role in your metabolism because most people metabolism are way off due to deficiencies. In order to get the right amount of Zinc you would have to get it from plants and foods. In addition, if you can't get it that you can the route of getting it from supplements. recommend eating this vitamin so you can get the most out of your diet. 

Zinc has amazing benefits that can improve you health in the long run. For example, zinc can help your digestive system, nerve function and skin. I find these extremely important because not having these  functions can cause serious harm to your body.  For instance, I know eating the right amount of zinc can cause your skin to to be clear. In addition, zinc can help people fight against eczema and bad irritating rashes. Furthermore, it can prevent acne from getting out of control and reduce inflammation in the skin. Even though I don't use zinc on a daily basis I know it can have positive impact on your body. Another key factor zinc is important for is your immune system. Zinc is very big on the immune system because it can fight off illness and cold fast.There has been studies that have shown where, 80-92mg of zinc can reduce a common cold to 33%. I find those numbers to be good because you want that cold to go away fast as possible.  

Even though, is zinc beneficial to your health there are side effects if you endure to much of it. Some of the effects you can have you put to much zinc in your body is severe constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. I say if your taking zinc always take small dosages in the beginning because by taking high dosages can lead to complications or even death. In addition, if your not sure how much zinc you should take go to a clinic or speak to your doctor and they would help you from there. Some of other side effects that can damage your body is flu like symptoms, fatigue and headaches. Overall, I recommend taking about 40 grams daily through out the week so that way your on the safe side of not harming yourself. In addition, you common sense when take certain things. 

Overall, Zinc is amazing vitamin that can lead to positives effects on your body. Most of all, when taking this vitamin, make sure you take iresponsibly so you won;t hurt yourself or others around you. Always see a  doctor if your unsure or don;t know what to do. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

why taking Vitamin C is helpful for your overall diet?

Vitamin C is very important vitamin for your overall health. You can find Vitamin C in most foods, pill form and serum. Vitamin C is very known for many things such as improving the immune system, absorbing iron, wound healing, rich in strong antioxidants and repairing cartilage. Not a lot of people in society get enough vitamin C in their diet, causing vitamin deficiency. If you want to get the most out of your health, I recommend implementing this vitamin into your daily regiment. I eat take vitamin C supplement almost 3 times a week and drink orange juice to go with it. 

Vitamin C is best known for fighting off chronic disease and illnesses. Whenever someone get cold or the flu the first place they do is get a glass of orange juice. The reason why they do this because it helps strengthen the white blood cells to fight off the cold. The more white blood cells you have in your body, the easier it is to fight off illnesses. This is the reason you must incorporate Vitamin C into your diet. Some of the diseases Vitamin C fights off are diabetes. Almost 1/3 of Americans have diabetes and the numbers are increasing everyday. Vitamin C lowers insulin levels and it keeps cholesterol levels in control. If this is not taking care it can kidney problems such as kidney stones. Overall, looking at these facts this is the reason why you should incorporate Vitamin C into your life so it can be better. 

Vitamin C is very known for the development of hair growth. Today, hair loss is huge concern for most people because it has been going on for years. Many doctors and researchers have found out if you take a certain amount of vitamin C dosage, it should eventually grow back. Vitamin C basically increase collagen production which allow hair follicles to grow. I recommend if your balding really bad give vitamin C  a try, see where it takes you. I also suggest if your starting out, takes small dosages so that way you wont harm your body. One of the causes for hair loss is not eating enough vitamins in your diet. Not having enough vitamin or protein in your diet causes your body to plateau and lead to deficiencies. Overall, I suggest if you want to have rich and radiant hair increase your vitamin intake and you would see amazing results.  

Vitamin C can really impact your life if you try it and let it. I recommend if your the person has vitamin deficiency you should be eating vitamins everyday so you can improve your intake levels. I also I recommend taking Vitamin C supplements to because they can improve your levels tremendously within months. I heard some  people take Vitamin C almost everyday and they haven't been sick in years. If you want to take your health and life to the next level than take vitamin C

The best keto friendly snacks

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